6 Pack of 1 Hour Personal Training Sessions
6 Pack of 1 Hour Personal Training Sessions

Price: $220.00

Personal training sessions with Charlaine Martin. Choose from regular personal training, personal PraiseMoves or Personal ChiRho Flow.

I specialize in weight loss, new exercisers, people with arthritis, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer recovery, mid-life, seniors, and post rehab. Ignore the special sessions. I was required to select them. We work together to personalize your health and fitness experience. Save around $9.00 per session.

Special note: I do reserve the right to turn down a special condition if I believe online personal training will not be appropriate for an individual. In that case, your payment would be refunded. We can discuss in Initial intake interview.


You are required to sign a Liability Waiver Form and fill out aPar-Q form before sessions begin. You may download either from the 1 Hour sessions page or you may also find them at https://www.betotallyfitforlife.com/services.

Find refreshment for your journey to total health! This faith-based approach to weight loss and healthy living balances the physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual aspects of your life to help you meet your goals.

Part 1: Off to a Great Start gives you a great start meeting your health goals.

Part 2: Going the Distance helps you continue making progress toward your health goals so you make this part of your daily living plan. Pre-requisite- Completion of Part 1.

Ask me about available days and times at totallyfit63@gmail.com.

60 mins

This option is a general personal training session to meet your specific needs. I specialize in weight loss, new exercisers, people with chronic pain and fatigue and post-rehab. To schedule an appointment, ask me about the time that works for you at totallyfit63@gmail.com.

Note: If I feel your needs do not fit with my expertise or that online training could be risky for your condition, I will let you know and give you a refund.

60 mins